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Pho Life - Mays Landing, NJ

Chris of "Joe's Table for 2" recently visited Pho Life in Mays Landing. Pho Life specializes in Vietnamese cuisine, something we don't see much of here in South Jersey. We frequent this place alot but never have had the flagship meal: Pho soup.

Located near the Hamilton movie theater, Pho Life is a decent sized, cozy setting with a bright atmosphere. The staff is very friendly and make sure everything is tailored to every customers needs.

It's hard to come to this place and not get some bubble tea. It's always a delicious beverage that I have to get, or else I feel that I'm leaving the place missing out on something. This time, I got strawberry (I switch up my flavors every visit).

This was the first time I came here and tried Pho. I ordered my first bowl with beef brisket. Provided with a side of basil, cilantro, limes and bean sprouts, I was brought a very large bowl of soup. As you can see in the picture, this is more than just soup. It is filled with so many delicious ingredients, including Vermicelli noodles.

This soup was pretty tasty, The broth had a bit of a kick to it but the important thing personally was that it didn't taste salty. It actually had flavor. The meat in the soup tasted a little bland, but overall, my first bowl of soup here was pretty satisfying, even though I may be the worst person to ever try eating with chopsticks ever.

If you're willing to try something new or have never had Vietnamese cuisine, Pho Life in Mays Landing is worth a try. There are plenty of other great, fresh menu items, such as egg rolls, rice dishes and more!


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