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Ocean View Sushi - Ocean View, NJ

Chris of "Joe's Table for 2" recently visited Ocean View Sushi in Ocean View. There's nothing we love more than indulging in some freshly made sushi, and we got word that this place does sushi right, so we gave it a try.

The restaurant is very small, with not much seating. Also, with how popular this place seems to be, it may be very hard to get a table by just walking in, so reservations may be better. The service was a little slow, but only because there is one person taking orders and having to answer the phone, which was always ringing off the hook for take out orders. An extra hand may have helped speed things up a bit and relieve her of having to take care of a full capacity restaurant.

In the back of the restaurant is the sushi bar. Every roll is made fresh in front of you. The menu is also very extensive with a wide variety of sushi rolls, specialty rolls and hibachi items. The rolls that were ordered were the Philadelphia Roll (Salmon, cucumber, avocado and Cream Cheese), Summer Roll (Shrimp, crabmeat, avocado, cucumber), as well as Shrimp Tempura and Tuna Rolls (Not pictured).

The rolls were amazing. All of the ingredients tasted fresh and were complimented well with a bit of soy sauce. Sushi is an art and must be respected when eaten. Sushi is one of those foods where you need to dissect it with each bite and savor the flavor. I've eaten a lot of sushi, but this sushi was pretty tasty. I know I will be back soon to take on some more of the wide variety menu!


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